'My greatest fear was to be alone; now I'd pay good money for the privilege'

Hi my names Gina and I'm...

a partner, a mummy, a sister, a daughter, a friend

I love...

nature, reading, learning, vintage, natural beauty, magick , architecture, yoga, autumn, craft, food

I dislike...

maths, confrontation, technology, war

My Reason for Starting This Blog

This blog started off being all about motherhood and the highs and lows of that journey however a year later and it has turned into the place for all of the random thoughts and new whims that can be found inside my head!

In my past life (pre-children) I was working towards my Masters in Environmental and Energy studies and I was especially interested in straw bale building. It was great fun. However since then I have had two children and family life has now taken priority. 

I'm slowly finding that as my children are getting older and becoming more independent I'm having just a little more time to rediscover who I really am. 

I have 'just' been a mummy for nearly five years now and I think that you can get so wrapped up in that, that you do lose sight of who you were, what your ambitions were and what you use to like wearing (dangly necklaces and bangles do not mix well with babies or toddlers!)
This is not to say that I don't still love my kiddies to pieces because I do, it's just that I would like to be able to now do other things as well.

I do hope you enjoy following me on this journey of motherhood, life, and self discovery.