Thursday, 17 January 2013

To wash or not to wash?

Photo by W610 Guy
These days we willing pollute our bodies with so many toxins. There in our food, our beauty products and our homes.

Today I found a post on a fantastic blog Lulastic & the Hippyshake.
'A Year Without Shampoo' and now I want to try it but I'm scared.  It's quite a commitment and I'm rubbish at that. I have a habit of starting things with the best of intention but never following them through! (I get bored too easily and have no staying power)

I have had a nightmare with my hair recently, I think too many years of dying it have finally taken it's toll. It now won't dye at all! The hair is so damaged that the dye doesn't take and it's just a dry mass of frizzyness. 
Frizzy hair
Photo by Chrissy Hunt

I love the idea of not putting any more rubbish products on it and getting it back to it's old healthy self but it's just taking the plunge. 
Should I , shouldn't I, I just don't know. 
Perhaps I should attempt it and see how I get on I. 
I could see how long I last.
I must be mad.
I can always wash it if I can't cope.
Okay, I've convinced myself, I'll give it a go.
Wish me luck x

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