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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Enchanted Forest Sign Making

So you may or may not know that we are having an enchanted forest party for our daughters second birthday and to save some money I have been making most of the decorations myself.
Yesterdays project was sign making...

 I thought this was going to be really hard to do but as it turns out it was actually one of the easiest projects so far.

I found the wood in our local park? (Not sure why it was there but no one was using it so we had it).

The next stage was to find the font I wanted to use online and print out the words I wanted to use in the right size. I used the website cool text which has a great selection of fonts and logos that are free for you to use. For this project I chose the font 'Outline'.

 The next stage is to place the text over the wood, where you want it to be and just stick the paper down with cellotape so that it doesn't move.

Then using a pencil, pressing firmly, trace around the outline of the letters and when you lift up the paper you should be left with a very faint indent in the wood.

You now have an outline for your paint. I used black wood paint for this which we just happened to have in the shed but you could probably use any kind of paint.

Here's a picture of what it looked like when I'd finished all of the text.

The last step was to add the glitter. For this I used PVA glue in a wiggly line and then just covered it with gold glitter. I found the glitter in one of those Christmas stores for about 99p but any good craft store should sell it.

and volia an easy and cheap to make enchanted forest sign...

I'm linking up this week with Faith, Hope & Charity Shopping's Ta Dah Tuesday!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Making Mini Toadstools

I am organising an Enchanted Forest Party for our daughters 2nd birthday next month and to try and save some money on it I have been making a lot of the decorations myself.
The first thing I've been working on are toadstools for the tables and I thought I'd share with you how I made them.

For the tops I used little plastic pots that originally had jelly and fruit in for the kids (you can get them in most big supermarkets).

Then I ripped up some newspaper and started to paper mache on the pots. I used 3/4 pva glue to 1/4 water. 


Don't forget to do the last layer in white paper, so that when you paint it the newspaper pattern doesn't show through.

When the pots are dry (I waited until the following evening) the next step is to paint your pots red, you may need two coats. 
After this get a toilet roll and stick white paper to it, this will be your base. (I used prit stick for this)

Then glue your base to your pot (I used PVA for this). The final stage left is to add your spots. I cut out circles from white paper and just glued them on with prit stick. 

and voila... mini toadstools.

Next job is to make a lollipop tree x