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Monday, 25 June 2012

Regaining Control

My blog feels neglected, poor blog! 
We were so busy last week that I literally had no time to think let alone write.
I know it's bad but I've felt nervous all week that I might be missing out on the goings on in the blog world. Whoever says blogging isn't addictive is lying, well I suppose there are worse things to be addicted to aren't there?

I've decided this week, what with my anxiety levels still rising, that I need to get organised, I need to have a system, I need a way of prioritising my time. So I have made a home central area...

This is my way of getting everything in one place. I am a self confessed lover of lists. I have lists everywhere and for everything. Lists for shopping, lists of things I need to do, lists of things I want to do, lists of things I want the OH to do. 

I feel that I have lost control of the house this week and everything is piling on top of me, hopefully this 'home central' idea is the answer. 

The trouble is now I've organised one aspect of the house I want to do the rest, look out linen cupboard here I come!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Brush with Death

Today I was going to write a post with an update on how the potty training is going or not going in truth but then something happened. Something happened that made me realise that the 'horrible' few weeks we've been having with being up to our next in bodily fluids wasn't actually all that bad.

Today a man nearly lost his life and I witnessed the whole thing. 
We were driving down the motorway on our way to look at at new boat, the rain was literally pelting down and the spray up from the road ment you could hardly see the car infront of you. Now being a person that is trerrified of cars anyway this was my ultimate nightmare. 

Driving Rain
Image by Vanessa Ryan
So there we were driving down the road, with me silenlty freaking out and suddenly the car infront of us just went flying across three lanes heading for the grass verge. It rolled over and went flying up in the air, rolled another 3 times and then crash onto the ground. It was horrific, like something you'd see in an action movie.

We quickly pulled over and ran to the car, at this point the only thing that goes through your head is what the hell am I going to see when I open that car door?!

I opened the door and saw the guy just sitting in the drivers seat, looking completley confused. I told he he had to get out of the car quick and we got him to come and sit in our car. He had a bit of blood on his hand, his nose looked broken and I imagine he would have serious whiplash but apart from that he didn't appear hurt anywhere else. I explained to him what had happened but I think he was in shock, he was shaking all over.

I really do not know how he survived it, he must have a guardian angel watching over him.

The police and ambulance arrived and we left after that.  
Since then I haven't been able to stop thinking about it, I just don't know how he is still alive. He had a wife and kid at home waiting for him,  and his poor wife having to get that dreadful phone call from the police saying "There's been an accident". I just keep thinking that could of been my over half.
I'm just so glad that he survived.