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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Gallery - Food

This weeks theme for the Gallery is Food. My favourite subject, I love food! 
I use to only love eating it but now I also love making it thanks to the help of my wonderful other half (he's a great teacher).

As much as I would like to take credit for this lovely plate of nosh, I can't. 
I had this about 4 years ago (pre kiddies) in one of my most favourite places The Wookey Hole Inn.
The food was amazing and the bedrooms are fabulous. Each room is different with it's own unique twist. 
We haven't been back there for ages, what with having the children, moving and everything else that seems to take up daily life. 
I have heard that it's under new managment so I just pray that they haven't changed a thing and hopefully we will get back there some day, especially now that we live much closer. It would be a great place for a proposal *cough* hint to the OH  *cough*.

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Serenity You: Photo Challenge

I'm joining in with 'Serenity You: Photo Challenge' today. 
This month theme is 'Wide Space', so naturally because we live by the coast I have chosen a sea shot. So here it is...

This photo was taken off of our boat on a trip from Torquay to Brixham. It was a gorgeous day and we stopped half way across for the kiddies to do their first bit of Mackerel fishing. They caught 3 fish so we took them home and they had them for their tea. Lovely x

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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Top 5 Hangover Cures

We went out last night for an adult evening, not a fruit shoot or chicken nugget in sight. It was great, don't get me wrong I love my kiddies to bits, however when we do get the rare oppourtuity to get out minus children we do enjoy ourselves.
Infact I may have enjoyed myself a bit too much, as I feel a little peaky this morning.
Gone are the days when you could wallow in your own self pity in bed all day and the worst thing is having to change that first morning nappy. Yuck.
It doesn't take much these days for me to feel three sheets to the wind (since having kiddies), 3 glasses of wine and I'm anybodies. It is cheaper though so suppose that's a plus.

When I feel a little 'under the weather' i
n the morning I have 5 things I do to make myself feel better and I thought I'd share them with you...

1) Glass of Berocca, a good hit of vitamin c really helps.


Photo by jez` Jennie

2) Eat a bananna , increases your serotonin levels (apparently).

Banana - Isolated

Photo by Robin_24
3) Glass of Dioralyte, contain rehydration salts & helps replace lost body fluids.
Photo from

4) A shower, makes you feel fresher and slightly more human.

Shower Head Water Drops 7-26-09 3

Photo by stevendepolo
5) A nice greasy fry up, this one either kills or cures but hey it tastes so good!

Fry Up

Photo by jayneandd

The best cure by far though has got to be palming the kiddies off with grandparents for the day so you can die in peace. That's just wishful thinking though.

So what do you do when you've had a bit to much the night before? I'd love to hear it.