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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Gallery - Food

This weeks theme for the Gallery is Food. My favourite subject, I love food! 
I use to only love eating it but now I also love making it thanks to the help of my wonderful other half (he's a great teacher).

As much as I would like to take credit for this lovely plate of nosh, I can't. 
I had this about 4 years ago (pre kiddies) in one of my most favourite places The Wookey Hole Inn.
The food was amazing and the bedrooms are fabulous. Each room is different with it's own unique twist. 
We haven't been back there for ages, what with having the children, moving and everything else that seems to take up daily life. 
I have heard that it's under new managment so I just pray that they haven't changed a thing and hopefully we will get back there some day, especially now that we live much closer. It would be a great place for a proposal *cough* hint to the OH  *cough*.

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Super Mummy


Photo by jcsizmadi

Today I was Super Mummy (well at least I felt like it.)
I have had a hugely productive day.

Here are some of the things I have got done today...

I visited and filled out all the necessary forms for H 's new pre school.
I filled out all the forms for H's free child care entitlements that start in April.
I brought my nephew's birthday card and present and wrapped it.
I ordered flowers to be delivered to my mum for mothers day.
I cooked the kids a healthy and filling lunch.
I donated a load of the kiddies old clothes to charity, trying to clear out before the move.
I brought and posted a birthday card for the other half's Nan.
I got people to sponsor H in his easter raffle for pre school,
I ordered H's special dairy free easter eggs. Having one child with a dairy intolerance means Easter is a nightmare in our household!
I spent the afternoon playing with the kids in the garden.
I even baked my first ever Victoria Sponge, although it would be wrong to call it a sponge and a more appropirate name for it would be Victoria Rock.
You should know at this point that up to about 4 months ago I had NEVER cooked anything before in my life. Bascically a mix of having a partner that's a qualified chef and living in a pub with our own chef for the last 2 years has meant I've not had to learn. Bad I know, but I'm making up f
or it now... well trying to.
I was quite proud of my sponge until the other half came home, took one look at it and burst out laughing. Not the reaction I was going for.
Now don't laugh but here's a pic

So that was my day, probably doesn't look like much to anyone else but to me it was good.