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Monday, 4 March 2013

Personalised Reward Charts

Personalised Reward Charts

 Today we were sent a very cute, personalised, potty training reward chart for my daughter.

There are loads of different styles to chose from on the website such as dogs, pirates, ponies and football. You can also chose different themes such as potty training and brushing teeth. 
Pony BlankBrush Teeth Pink Photo Seaside Task with Days Photo Pirate Task
They are great value at only £3.00 each and come with stickers and a pen.
We went for the potty training one as we are about to go through this stage again! (Something I'm not looking forward to!)

As you can see from the picture my daughter was very impressed with hers and hopefully this might just make the process of potty training a little smoother.

 Wish us luck!

To check out all of the other designs and themes head over to 

This company is run by a Work At Home dad who runs a couple of small businesses making products aimed at children and their parents.

Check out his other sites below


Monday, 9 July 2012

Potty Training - Day (I've lost count)

This is how my mornings now start...

I awake to hear thud, thud, thud coming down the hallway towards the bathroom. Then from the comfort of my bed I hear the little voice commentary begin 'I'm going to have a poo'. Rip, off comes the night nappy followed by the sound of rustling. Then silence until Plop, 'ooo I've done a poo'. 
Next I hear the thud, thud, thud of tiny feet again but this time it's coming my way. I open my eyes to see a little face staring back at me 'Mummy I've done a poo!' So proud.

I thought I'd do an update today on how the potty training is going.
Cue Professor Higgins 'By jove I think he's got it'. 

At last we seem to of cracked it. We haven't had an accident for about 3 weeks now (touch wood). Sometimes he doesn't even tell me he's going to the loo and just does it all himself. It seems to have taken him forever  to get the hang of it but we got there in the end.  All started here
Nex it's going to be round two of potty training but I'm hoping Lj will be easier (I've heard that girls are).


Monday, 28 May 2012

Potty Training - Day Four

Well we are on day four of our potty training period and I don’t want to jinx it but it has gone brilliantly. H has really taken to it really well. We’ve only had two accident in the last 3 days and one of those was because he had a late night on Saturday and was really tired. Even his bedtime nappy has been dry in the mornings and he asks to go as soon as he wakes up.
All I seem to of been saying this week is  ‘Do you need a wee? Do you need a poo?’. Over and over again. I must have said it a thousand times over the last couple of days but if it gets the job done!

Toilet Instructions

A unexpected bonus to the potty training is that since we have been doing it with H, Lj has taken a real interest in it too. She keeps going up to the loo saying wee wee. I put her on but she doesn’t do anything yet but I suppose it’s a start. 
Maybe we’ll have them both done and dusted with nappies by next summer and then with the money we will save from not having to buy two lots of nappies we could probably afford an extra holiday yey, well at least a long weekend! X


Image by David Merrigan

You may laugh but I’ve actually worked it out…
We buy the huggies deal of two boxes for £16, each box has 76 nappies in. We generally go through those 2 boxes in 2 weeks (that’s if we are averaging 5 nappies a day per child roughly). So that’s £8 a week on nappies. If I then add that up for the amount of weeks until next summer…
52 weeks in a year takes us up to the beginning of next June, so that’s a grand total saving of £416! That’s a lot of money on nappies and could easily pay for a long weekend away, Venice here I come!

Yes I know, I know, I have way to much time on my hands today but I have an excuse… our electric is out, so that means no washing, no ironing, no hoovering, no cooking and no cash to go shopping, which has resulted in me being bored and only having a calculator to play with!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Potty Training - Day One

I have now decided that H is never going to be fully ready for potty training so instead I'm throwing him in at the deep end!
Today was day one and that meant no more nappies, (well except at bedtime).
To prepare for this I have stockpilled pants in anticipation of lots of accidents, brought stain removal spray for the carpets and mentally prepared myself for a couple of weeks of hell. 

boy pants

Image by Nom & Malc

 14 trips to the loo, 6 pairs of wet pants and one pair of pants beyond saving later and we had our first day of potty training!
I have to say though that today went a lot better than I expected, well except for the little accident in the supermarket, (if you are going to Asda watch out for the wet patch in the Gardening aisle, opps).

What he does is start to wee and then realises what he is doing and then tells me that he needs a wee, so if we can just get him to tell us before he lets anything go we might just get somwhere. There's hope yet and at least the suns out, the sun makes everything more bearable.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Potty Hell

***Warning this post contains poo issues***
Im really starting to worry now about H and his potty training or lack of it for that matter.
He'll be 3 and a half soon and still wears nappies!

Since he's been born he has never had what I would call a proper number 2. 
He has a milk intolerance and dairy products don't really agree with him and the resulting effect resembles something that looks like it's come out of a cow. So add that to the fact that he has a number two at least 4 times a day it's making the potty training impossible.
I don't think he even knows when he has gone and would quite happily sit in a dirty nappy all day if I didn't change him.
He never tells me if he does a number 1 or 2 whereas our 18 month old is already telling us when she is going. 

We stopped forcing the potty issue with him a while ago because it was clear that he just wasn't ready but now it's got to the point where all of his friends of the same age are in pants and using the toilet. He's the only one still left in nappies! 
So I started it up again the other day by taking away his nappies and putting him in pants. This resulted in me having to clear up three wee's and two poo's off of my floor all within the space of an hour. My carpet can't take much more.

I took him to the doctors the other day and I've now demanded to have full allergy testing done so that we can find out exactlly what it is that is upsetting his tummy. Then we can eliminate whatever it is completley from his diet and hopefully that will firm him up a bit.  
Then hopefully we might get somewhere with it.
If anyone has any suggestions or tips it would be much appreciated.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Dreaded Potty Training

H was 3 in January and we are still not getting anywhere with the blasted potty training!

My partner suggested bribing him with a biscuit (H loves his biscuits) but I was against it.
Silly paranoid mummy thinking he'll end up with some kind of deep rooted psychological issue about toilets and biscuits!

However as everyone of my methods had so far failed I thought I'd give it a go.

So I pop H on the toilet and tell him that he can have a biscuit if he does a poo. H seems happy to oblige, all was going well.
Well at least it was until he pulled a funny face, went bright red and proceeded to burst into tears. Bugger!
He then said to me through the sobs " I can't do it Mummy!"
I don't think I have ever felt more terrible than I did at that moment.
Great now not only do I feel like the worst mother in the world but my son probably has piles from strainning to hard.
That did not got well at all.
I don't think I'll be trying that method again, back to plan B - wait for warmer weather and let him run wild and naked in the garden, following behind him, potty in hand.

Baby Changing Table for Boys

Photo by The Rocketeer