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Friday, 4 January 2013

Crushed Dreams by NHS

For the last year now I have been training to become a Childminder. 

  • I have completed and payed for my First Aid for Childcarers Certificate.
  • I have attended my Pre-registration Briefing Meetings
  • I have completed my Understanding How To Set Up A Home Based Childcare Service Course and Childminder Registration Course.
  • I have attended and completed my Safeguarding Children Awareness Course.
  •  I have spent hours writing all of my policies & procedures that are required
  • I have completed my Enhanced CRB Check
  • My partner has completed his Enhanced CRB check
  • I have sent off my forms and documents to be checked and signed.
  •  I have read and re read the EYFS so I know what is expected of me.
  • I have completed all of my risk assessements for every room in my house including the garden.
  • I have brought fire guards, first aid boxes, fire blankets, non slip matting and safety glass film etc (all requirements by OFSTED)
  • I have spent time creating activity rotas, and printing & laminating posters for my setting. 
  • I have paid for my registration fee to OFSTED
...and today I found out that I won't be able to become a Childminder!!!
Words cannot express how devastated I feel.

All because my local Doctors surgery will not sign my Health Declaration Form unless I pay them £87!

It is only two pages and seven tick box questions and would take less than 5 minutes to fill out. It could easily be done within one appointment time. All it requires is a doctor to look at my medical forms which they have on the screen at every appointment and just put a tick in the relevant boxes.

I have two children and currently don’t work as I am at home looking after them. I cannot afford to pay out for childcare and becoming a childminder is the only way that I can work, earn some money and still look after my children.
I simply cannot afford to pay this fee however without this small section of the form filled out I will not be able to become a childminder.

I thought the idea was to help people get back into work not stop them!

Today is a bad day

Friday, 12 October 2012

All change!

So you may have noticed my serious lack of post over the last couple of weeks, sorry about that but I have a good excuse or actually a few excuses.

Firstly I'm currently training to become a OFSTED registered childminder and most of my evenings are now spent doing coursework, doing research or business planning. I'm hoping to be up and running by the new year though, yey. It's all very exciting.

The second is that we are currently redecorating our house. So far we have done the kitchen, the bathroom, Lj's bedroom and the downstairs loo. I want to get it all done before Christmas, when we have 14 people staying with us! Arrgh.

And the last is the start of our new business Caskbox. 
Which has finally gone live, another Yey.

 So as you can see we have been a little busy in our house at the moment and lots of change coming our way. Bring it on x