Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Making Mini Toadstools

I am organising an Enchanted Forest Party for our daughters 2nd birthday next month and to try and save some money on it I have been making a lot of the decorations myself.
The first thing I've been working on are toadstools for the tables and I thought I'd share with you how I made them.

For the tops I used little plastic pots that originally had jelly and fruit in for the kids (you can get them in most big supermarkets).

Then I ripped up some newspaper and started to paper mache on the pots. I used 3/4 pva glue to 1/4 water. 


Don't forget to do the last layer in white paper, so that when you paint it the newspaper pattern doesn't show through.

When the pots are dry (I waited until the following evening) the next step is to paint your pots red, you may need two coats. 
After this get a toilet roll and stick white paper to it, this will be your base. (I used prit stick for this)

Then glue your base to your pot (I used PVA for this). The final stage left is to add your spots. I cut out circles from white paper and just glued them on with prit stick. 

and voila... mini toadstools.

Next job is to make a lollipop tree x



  1. So cute! I'm so going to do this with my 6 year old!

    1. There really easy to do but quite effective x

  2. What a great theme for a little one's party - these are very cute. Looking forward to seeing the lollipop tree!
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks for your comment, just started on the lollipop tree, not sure how it's going to turn out yet x

  3. Wow - they look amazing. Would love to have a go, but I just know mine wouldn't look anything like that! x

  4. The mini toadstools look great! Sounds like your daughter is going to have a pretty special birthday party x

  5. OMG--that is just too cute!!

  6. hey, they're looking good :o)

  7. i love toadstool and you are so creative! those are the most adorable toadstool! thanks for sharing how to make them!

    blog hopping from ta dah tuesday :)

    x susan

  8. These look fantastic!

    I am hosting a Party Party on Mums Make Lists for birthday party posts, pins and pics and would love for you to link up x



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