Thursday, 27 September 2012

What happens at 8pm?

So this weeks theme for the Gallery is 8pm. 
You see the light brown sofa in this picture, that is where I am at 8pm. Usually with a glass of vino in hand and more often than not a big bar of chocolate. 

This room is a child free zone, there are no plastic things that sing the same annoying song over and over again. There are no sticky finger marks all up the patio door. There are no bits of lego to step on in bare feet. This is an adult room, the only adult room in the house and I love it!

This is my little haven at the end of the day where I can sit for more than 5 minutes without having to get up and change a pooey nappy, get someone a drink or referee the latest fight that has broken out over some toy that neither of them have played with in months but now that the other one has it they simple must play with it.

This is 8pm and it's adult time!  

So what happens in your household at 8pm? To check out what happens in others go to Taras blog at Sticky Fingers.


  1. cool! i like the adults only room idea! looks lovely :o)

  2. Oh my life! I need to get me a room like that one! x

  3. Now that room looks so inviting and cosy! What a haven to relax in at 8pm!

  4. What a lovely, peaceful toy-free space - looks like a perfect place to unwind x

  5. This room looks very cosy indeed. I could definitely put my feet up and relax with a glass of vino in here!


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