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Friday, 23 March 2012

No Time

I haven't got time to do a proper post today so I thought I'd share two pics with you instead.

The first is my new toy that the other half brought back for me yesterday. It's gorgeous!
The second is H's Easter bonnet that I made for him for his Easter social today...

Hope you all have a good weekend x

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

How much can you really discipline a 3 year old?

As you may or may not have read in my previous post, we are having a lot of problems with our 3 year old's behaviour recently.
He has become aggressive, he screams and pushes me, he is defiant and he will do anything to insight a fight.
I have tried everything, the naughty step, sending him to his room, shouting at him and finally just ignoring him and none of it seems to make the slightest bit of difference. I keep telling myself that he is too young, he doesn't understand and he can't control himself but surely they must be able to by this age.
I am actually at the point of just walking out because I really don't know what to do with him.

I have become obsessed with watching Super Nanny, trying to get new ideas, and then today I came across a new blog Psychology Mum.
She writes about using marbles as a reward for good behaviour, each time the child does something good they put a marble in a pot, then when the pot is full they get a reward. Then when the child is naughty instead of taking away a marble you take away one of the toys for a period of time. (She explains it better on her blog lol).

...Jar of Marbles...

Photo by Darren Tunnicliff - Flickr

She also talks about the 1,2,3 magic method, where you give your child 3 changes to behave or then they get punished, it's suppose to give them time to stop misbehaving (again she explains it better on her blog).

So I've now decided that I'm going to try a combination of these three methods, the marbles in the pot, taking away toys and 1,2,3, magic and see what happens.
I think this will be good for us because it gives me a clear way of dealing with him in a structured way while also making it clear to him what is expected of him and also the consequences of his actions.
I'll keep you updated as to how this is going. Wish me luck I'm going to need it.

Im off to the House of Marbles now, need to stock up.