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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Face of an Angel

Whenever I start moaning about my son everyone always looks at me like I'm mad and the reply I get from them is always the same, 'rrr but he has the face of an angel'.

He may well have the face of an angel but not the mentality of one.

He has really pushed me to my limits this week.
I am so glad that half term is over.
He only goes to preschool two days a week but it's part of what he does.

The problem is that he is fanatical about routine, if anything is different in his weekly plans, he just can't cope.
The week started okay and progressively got worse.
All i've found myself doing all week is repeating the same phrases again and again and again, 'Don't touch that, put that back, get down from there'
He has an obssesion with pressing buttons whether there on the CD player, plug socket, light switch or microwave.

The final straw came today when I came downstairs this morning, opened my fridge and found the entire contents of it frozen! The little monkey had turned the dial right down without me noticing. Grrr kids.

Ice Ledge

Photo by Robert Fornal

It's not like we haven't been out and about this week, infact we've been out and done something every single day. He just generally can't cope without his routine.
I hoping it's just a three year old thing and will grow out of it eventually.