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Thursday, 7 March 2013

50 Days and NO shampoo!

It has been exactly 50 days since I last washed my hair (with shampoo)! It has been a very interesting journey so far and I've had my good and bad days. The whole thing is a learning process and you have to find what works for your hair type and what definitely doesn't!   

Today I'd say is a bad day. I washed my hair last night with bicarbonate of soda and conditioned it with cyder vinegar and this is what it looked like this morning...

Please excuse the serious lack of make up and ghostly pale skin, I feel rather rough today!
To me my hair looks greasy but still frizzy and just generally looks grim. I have decided that there could be three possible reasons for this...

1) I feel ill and think I have a some kind of infection as I have lost my voice so perhaps this is having an effect on my hair?

2) I didn't use the right amount of bicarbonate of soda when I washed it. I was running low so perhaps I didn't use enough?

3) I haven't eaten very healthy food this week. I read somewhere that what you eat has a big effect on your hair. Too much greasy food this week I think!

 I feel I have kind of lost my way with this process and I'm currently not seeing a huge improvement or any particular benefits to it. Don't get me wrong I won't be going back to using shampoo, I just don't know if I'm doing the whole 'no poo' thing right! 

I'm currently washing my hair once a week with either my egg wash or bicarbonate of soda and I'm definitely preferring the egg wash (it feels softer afterwards). I have about three days where I can wear my hair down and then I have to tie it up for the remaining days because it looks oily. It's hard to brush the oils through my hair because it's curly and the minute you put a brush near it, it puffs up into a mass of frizziness! 

I'm not using any products at all at on it at the moment and I desperately want to dye it because the roots are looking hideous but I don't want to undo all of the hard work of not putting gunk on it! There must be an alternative, natural, solution for dying hair out there??

However I shall persevere with my 'no poo' adventure and hopefully I will see an improvement soon. 

I'd love to hear from anyone else that has under gone this process and if anyone has any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

LOL Review

 I should have written this post ages ago but I just haven't had the time. 
As you may have read in a previous post, I recently went up to London. You can read about that scary experience here.
The reason I went to London was for the a new drink from Heinz called LOL.
The people from LOL were at the Rainforest Cafe along with a nutritionist to answer any questions about their new drink. 

'Bring home the laughs this summer with the great new drink LOL. A lightly carbonated fruit juice drink, LOL is a fizzy treat set to liven up your kids mouths in a cool new way.

Blending together 75% fruit juice and 25% carbonated water, every can of LOL contains one of their important five a day. LOL is available in three fabulously juicy flavours meaning it's a refreshing drink the whole family can enjoy.

Specifically designed to make drinking fruit juice more fun, LOL is a brand new way to keep your kids refreshed this summer and all at a pocket money friendly price of 99p.

Unlike most canned drinks, LOL contains NO added sugar, NO artificial sweeteners, NO preservatives, NO artificial colours and NO caffeine!'

Before I went to London they sent us some of the drinks to sample and I must say that they were a huge hit in our family. Even the OH who is very critical of food and drink liked them but the firm favourite was the Apple & Raspberry one.

I would definitely recommend these drinks for special occassions such as sleep overs, parties, bbq's etc because they not only taste nice but they're also much better for kids than some of the other carbonated drinks out there.
We don't generally drink fizzy drinks in our house as a rule but for these I would make an exception. 

I'd just like to see them in pubs now, they'd make a great drink for the poor person that has been voted as designated driver for the night.

If you'd like to find out more about the LOL drinks then look here on facebook or go to

*I haven't been paid to write this and all opinions are my own.*

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Potty Hell

***Warning this post contains poo issues***
Im really starting to worry now about H and his potty training or lack of it for that matter.
He'll be 3 and a half soon and still wears nappies!

Since he's been born he has never had what I would call a proper number 2. 
He has a milk intolerance and dairy products don't really agree with him and the resulting effect resembles something that looks like it's come out of a cow. So add that to the fact that he has a number two at least 4 times a day it's making the potty training impossible.
I don't think he even knows when he has gone and would quite happily sit in a dirty nappy all day if I didn't change him.
He never tells me if he does a number 1 or 2 whereas our 18 month old is already telling us when she is going. 

We stopped forcing the potty issue with him a while ago because it was clear that he just wasn't ready but now it's got to the point where all of his friends of the same age are in pants and using the toilet. He's the only one still left in nappies! 
So I started it up again the other day by taking away his nappies and putting him in pants. This resulted in me having to clear up three wee's and two poo's off of my floor all within the space of an hour. My carpet can't take much more.

I took him to the doctors the other day and I've now demanded to have full allergy testing done so that we can find out exactlly what it is that is upsetting his tummy. Then we can eliminate whatever it is completley from his diet and hopefully that will firm him up a bit.  
Then hopefully we might get somewhere with it.
If anyone has any suggestions or tips it would be much appreciated.