Thursday, 10 May 2012

Potty Hell

***Warning this post contains poo issues***
Im really starting to worry now about H and his potty training or lack of it for that matter.
He'll be 3 and a half soon and still wears nappies!

Since he's been born he has never had what I would call a proper number 2. 
He has a milk intolerance and dairy products don't really agree with him and the resulting effect resembles something that looks like it's come out of a cow. So add that to the fact that he has a number two at least 4 times a day it's making the potty training impossible.
I don't think he even knows when he has gone and would quite happily sit in a dirty nappy all day if I didn't change him.
He never tells me if he does a number 1 or 2 whereas our 18 month old is already telling us when she is going. 

We stopped forcing the potty issue with him a while ago because it was clear that he just wasn't ready but now it's got to the point where all of his friends of the same age are in pants and using the toilet. He's the only one still left in nappies! 
So I started it up again the other day by taking away his nappies and putting him in pants. This resulted in me having to clear up three wee's and two poo's off of my floor all within the space of an hour. My carpet can't take much more.

I took him to the doctors the other day and I've now demanded to have full allergy testing done so that we can find out exactlly what it is that is upsetting his tummy. Then we can eliminate whatever it is completley from his diet and hopefully that will firm him up a bit.  
Then hopefully we might get somewhere with it.
If anyone has any suggestions or tips it would be much appreciated.


  1. No tips, I'm afraid (we've had the opposite problem) but lots of empathy. It's amazing how a supposedly normal bodily function can become such a big issue. Hope the testing helps to ease things for you all.

  2. Thanks. It has been a nightmare but hopefully it will get better soon x

  3. I can certainly empathise with your little boy as I was also three and a half before I came out of nappies. My mother said that in the end, when I wanted a set of PlayPeople (little plastic figures around at the time), I couldn't have them until I started using the potty, so I did!

    You'll probably find that your son will soon want to use the toilet like his friends, especially if he can watch them doing so, and that when he does he'll be easier to train as he's older and becomes accident free quite quickly. Best of luck.


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