Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Pinterest Party - Jubilee Celebrations

This weeks theme for Moors Mummy's Pinterest Party is ... 
Jubilee Celebrations.

I have chosen a picture of Kate Middleton for this weeks theme. 
I don't care what any of the papers say I think she looked amazing and always does for that matter. As for the comment about her upstaging the Queen, I mean really where do they find these journalist. (The Daily Mail & here)
You keep doing what you are doing Kate and don't listen to them.

Picture from Pinterest

So your turn now, go on to Pinterest and find your Jubilee Celebration photo and join in the fun at Moors Mummy's blog .


  1. here here, I agree! I like Kate , and think she is amazing to choose to go into that style of life...with media watching her every move, all she says documented, and all she wears critiqued. I hope when they have kiddies they will get a good level of privacy.

  2. She looked stunning as always and could never upstage the Queen on the Jubilee! Thanks for joining in again! Xx


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