Thursday, 14 June 2012

Scary London

Well I did it, I went to London today all by myself. 
It was terrifying! It's just so big, with far to many people and way to easy to lose your bearings and get lost.
I very nearly bottled it and didn't go but I managed to pull myself together in the end and off I went. 
It's not like I've never been to London before, infact quite the opposite (I use to live very near by) it's just that my anxiety levels since having children have sky rocketed. 

Photo by Andor Kish

I have recently been told that I suffer with social anxiety, which basically means I freak out before, after and during any social events for no good reason. It's a nightmare but I've recently started Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to try and combat it. Which is basically a way of re-training your brain to think about things in a different way. 
I've only just started it so we'll see how it goes.

So anyway, I went to London and it all went really well. I had a lovely lunch at the rainforest cafe and met some lovely other mummy bloggers. 
We were there for a new drink product LOL by Heinz. (Review found here). 
Rainforest cafe
Photo by mariosp
 I feel very proud of myself today, despite the major panic attacks I was having about going, I went and I really enjoyed myself. I feel like I've taken a really positive step forward today and I'm on the road towards feeling like my pre children more confident, self again.
I'm now going to chill out with a well deserved glass of vino (or two). x

White Wine
Image by Danielle Bauer


  1. ooh sounds good, yey u survived London! did you see some sites too :o) The CBT sounds like its working! interesting to hear more about the product and how many mummy bloggers were there? you will have to scrapbook your conquest! enjoy the wine x

    1. Thank you, I've kept my tickets for scrapbooking lol x

  2. Nobody would have known. You came across really well. I am also usually terrified in such situations but I reckon I am way older than you so have just about decided that if I don't start breaking out of my comfort zone now, I never will. Really pleased to have met you and hopefully have made a new blogger friend. Had not read this post before sending my last tweet. Which is actually quite interesting ..

    1. Thanks for that, I spend my life over analysing everything it drives and my OH nuts x

  3. You came across very well indeed.


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